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For international patients the Center for Mental Health – Oberberg City Berlin Kurfürstendamm offers outpatient and dayclinic treatment in English in the areas of Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Psychosomatic medicine.

Our primary treatment areas are:

• Depression and Bipolar Disorders
• Anxiety and Panic Disorders
• Burnout
• Addiction
• Posttraumatic Stress Disorders
• Personality Disorders

Treatment Concept: Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

The Center for Mental Health offers a new form of holistic treatment based on the innovative joining of mindfulness and psychotherapy. Mindfulness is the conscious perception and experience of ourselves in the present moment in an accepting and non-judgmental way. This allows us to develop a new sense of self as well as a new relationship to our struggles. The combination of mindfulness and psychotherapy allows stress, fear, trauma, depression and addiction to be witnessed with the necessary distance to create new solutions for relapse prevention.

Contact and Admission

If you are interested in our outpatient or day-clinic treatment at the Center for Mental Health – Oberberg City Berlin Kurfürstendamm, we provide in-person, telephone (030 88718920) or email (info.kurfuerstendamm@oberbergkliniken.de) consultations regarding the following topics:

• Primary treatment areas
• Treatment concept
• Criteria for outpatient or day-clinic treatment
• Matters of insurance and preparation of insurance claims (we are normally accepted by private insurance companies as well as Beihilfe)

Immediate Admissions

In the case of an emergency, an immediate admission to the day-clinic is possible. A referral by a specialist is recommended.

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